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IFBB Pro Sadik Hadzovic Motivation!

Sadik Hadzovic has one of the best fitness model physiques in the world at the moment and is seen as a great source of motivation. Here are a few pictures and videos of him and some of his social media statuses to keep you inspired and motivated! “The toughest thing about success is that you’ve got […]

Shawn Ray Versus Kevin Levrone

2 legends in bodybuilding, Kevin Levrone and Shawn Ray. Both whom never won an Olympia title but were seen as amongst the greatest of Olympians. With Kevin Levrone’s comeback at this years Mr Olympia, it will be very interesting to see what package he brings and just how well he can place. A tribute to […]

Jessica Arevalo Motivation!

“At the end of the day it’s how you feel about yourself and if you like/love yourself or not. THAT’S THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS!”   “I feel most women avoid this exercise (bench press) because they think your boobs will turn into muscle? This has to be one of the biggest myths in bodybuilding […]

Oksana Grishina vs. Michael Jackson | Arnold Classic 2016

Oksana Grishina continues to amaze audiences with her spectacular performances and physical strength! Imagine having to perform this after dieting down and with such low body fat! Immense respect to her. Check out her latest routine at the Arnold Classic. Oksana Grishina vs. Michael Jackson

10 Motivational SA Male Athletes You Should Be Following! 3rd Edition

Earl Abrahams Follow Him: Earl Abrahams IFBB Athlete marco klue Follow Him: marco_klue11 George Herwill Follow Him: George Herwill dr John charles Follow Him: Dr John Charles Given Mthimunye Follow Him: Givsta castro barreira jose caze Follow Him: Castro José – Cazé Wayne Coetzee Follow Him: waynecoetzeepro Chintimba Ndyamba Follow Him: chiprodigy1 Kiran Singh Follow Him: kiran_ironfitness marco pires Follow Him: marcozanman Check out […]

10 Motivational SA Female Athletes You Should Be Following! 3rd Edition

Rushda Ebrahim Follow her: Rushtush Charelle Johnson Follow her: charellejwbffpro amy j fox Follow her: amyjeanfox Cat Buys Rademeyer Follow her: Cat Buys Rademeyer NABBA WFF Pro natasha martens Follow her: Natasha Martens samantha hunter Follow her: Samantha Hunter – Fitness, Stage & Nutrition carmen botha Follow her: carmenfit93 shannon atkinson Follow her: ifbbproshan bianca van rensburg Follow her: missqueenbi roxy firmani […]

The Kai Greene And Phil Heath Rivalry | Mr Olympia 2015 Build Up Video

If you watched the Mr Olympia press conference last year, you will know that things got pretty heated between Mr O, Phil Heath and runner up Kai Greene. It set the stage for such an intense rivalry between the two, whether it was intentional or not. Will things get even more heated this year as […]

Mr Olympia 2015 Promo | Bodybuilding Motivation Video

The Mr Olympia 2015 is still a few months away, but the competitors preparations have most likely already started for it. Be motivated with this video leading up to the biggest Bodybuilding competition in the world! Who will take the crown this year? Mobile Friendly: Photography Credit: Bodybuilding.com Isaac Hinds   You May Also Like: […]