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One On One With WBFF Pro, Charelle Johnson

Quick stats Name: Charelle Johnson Age: 23 Height: 1,62 m Competition weight: 51 kgs Current weight: 56 kgs Current city: Johannesburg, South Africa Occupation: Assistant Fashion Buyer How did you get started with training? Has it always been part of your life? I began training at the age of 13 as a hobby after receiving […]

10 Motivational SA Male Athletes You Should Be Following! 3rd Edition

Earl Abrahams Follow Him: Earl Abrahams IFBB Athlete marco klue Follow Him: marco_klue11 George Herwill Follow Him: George Herwill dr John charles Follow Him: Dr John Charles Given Mthimunye Follow Him: Givsta castro barreira jose caze Follow Him: Castro José – Cazé Wayne Coetzee Follow Him: waynecoetzeepro Chintimba Ndyamba Follow Him: chiprodigy1 Kiran Singh Follow Him: kiran_ironfitness marco pires Follow Him: marcozanman Check out […]

3 Time Ms. Bikini Olympia, Ashley Kaltwasser Motivation

The stunning 3 Time Ms. Bikini Olympia, Ashley Kaltwasser just can’t seem to be stopped! Enjoy these pictures of this great motivational woman!   Follow her: Facebook: BikiniProAshley Instagram: ashleykfit Twitter: AshleyKfit Photography Credits: Bersano Photography Brian Landis photography Lift Studios Muscular Development | Dan Ray

ABS Training With Castro Barreira José- Cazé

I train abs three times a week. Ab Workout and exercises: Read Castro’s Full interview here! 1. Normal Planking 4 sets of 1 minute each. 2. Side planking right 4 sets of 1 minute each. 3. Side planking left 4 sets of 1 minute each. 4. Lying down crunches 4 sets x 20 reps 5. […]

One On One With Medical Student And Fitness Bikini Athlete, Nicolene Booysen

Name: Nicolene Booysen Age: 31 Height: 161 cm Competition weight: 52 Kg Current weight: 53 Kg Current city: Cape Town, South Africa Occupation: 5th year medical student How did you get started with training? Has it always been part of your life? I was always active as a teenager. At school, I played netball and […]

Healthy Eating 101: Three Top Tips For Avoiding Temptation

Being a father or mother is a big responsibility. It forces you to grow up. You suddenly find yourself with a cascade of new obligations, and you want nothing more than to fulfil them. At the forefront of these is caring for your child’s health, keeping them well, happy, and thriving, and this is a […]

ARMS AND ABS Training With Brett Richard Palframan

 Biceps: What are your 3 best go to biceps exercises? Barbell curls Preacher Concentration curls Which is the most overrated biceps exercise in your opinion? Layed back bicep curls, when done whilst resting on the bench. And the most underrated one? Standing bicep curls, if done correctly, you can get an added core workout as […]

3 Great Foods That Burn Fat!

  Weight loss is a journey and reaching your destination can be quite frustrating. There are ups and downs, some failures and then there are days you would just not feel like working out at all. Exercise and diet go hand in hand in order for this journey to be a successful one. You might […]

Ronnie Coleman Motivation | Training Clips, Motivational Posters

8 time Mr Olympia, Ronnie “The King” Coleman was truly something special out of all the Mr Olympia winners. The sheer size of him was breath taking and spectacular in its own right. He had size, symmetry and proportions, thus his 8 Mr Olympia wins.   “WHY DO I DO THIS TO MY BODY? CAUSE […]

ARMS Training With Castro Barreira José- Cazé

Read Castro’s Full interview here! biceps routine: 1. 21’s – EZ bar curls Wide grip: 7 half reps. 7 half reps. 7 full reps. 5 sets light to medium: 10 – 12 reps heavy Rest period 45 seconds 2. Single arm Concentrated Curls 3 sets medium: 10 – 12 reps heavy Rest 45 seconds 3. […]