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A Few Quick And Easy Ab And Core Exercises For The ‘Crunch’ And Burn!

With spring or summer fast approaching people tend to get into the swing of things with their fitness workouts a bit more, aiming for that summer body. Whatever the reasoning is, it’s always great to get moving and doing something to keep fit. Some people may just want to move a little and work up […]

Legs And Abs Training And Full Workouts With WFF Pro, Natasha Martens

What are some of your favourite leg exercises? Squats Lunges Leg extensions What are your top 3 tips when training your legs? Challenge yourself and add some weight. Train legs at least twice a week. Make sure your form is correct. In your opinion, which is the most common leg exercise that people do incorrectly? […]

ABS Training With Castro Barreira José- Cazé

I train abs three times a week. Ab Workout and exercises: Read Castro’s Full interview here! 1. Normal Planking 4 sets of 1 minute each. 2. Side planking right 4 sets of 1 minute each. 3. Side planking left 4 sets of 1 minute each. 4. Lying down crunches 4 sets x 20 reps 5. […]

One on One With Bikini Competitor and Team Jar Member, Roxy Firmani

Quick Stats Name:  Roxy Firmani Age:  24 Height:  1,71 m Competition weight:  55kg Current weight:  58kg Current city:  Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa Where do you train:  Virgin Active, Sunninghill Occupation: Brand Executive for OPI How long have you been training for and how did you get started? I started training when I was about 16. But nothing […]

Workout of the Week | Chest and Abdominals

This workout should not take you more than an hour and 15 minutes or so, just remember to keep your rest periods relatively short, about 45 seconds to 1 minute and 15 seconds. When training the chest muscles, I find that by really tensing and squeezing the chest on each rep, helps to keep focus […]