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Littlebeastm’s Top 3 Tricep Exercises!

Metin Dabak, aka “Littlebeastm,” is a personal trainer, athlete and weighted calisthenics expert based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Here he shows 3 great Tricep exercises: Basic Dips Bodyweight Tricep Extensions Dumbbell Tricep Extensions         A post shared by Little Beastm (@littlebeastm) on Sep 18, 2016 at 4:09am PDT       A post […]

ARMS Training With Dr. John Charles

Biceps: What are your 3 best go to biceps exercises? Straight Bar Bell Curls One arm cable curls with supination technique Standing two arm cable machine bicep curls What are your top 3 tips when training your biceps? Vary your intensity. Vary your exercises. Never do the same routine or intensity one work out after […]

ARMS Training With Castro Barreira José- Cazé

Read Castro’s Full interview here! biceps routine: 1. 21’s – EZ bar curls Wide grip: 7 half reps. 7 half reps. 7 full reps. 5 sets light to medium: 10 – 12 reps heavy Rest period 45 seconds 2. Single arm Concentrated Curls 3 sets medium: 10 – 12 reps heavy Rest 45 seconds 3. […]

Build Huge Guns With Bodybuilder, Freddie Klopper’s Arm Training Guide!

Learn from multiple bodybuilding champion, Freddie Klopper, how to build some massive guns by following his training regime for arms below. He gives us a few tips and what we should not do! Biceps Training Programme: 1. Normal dumbbell curls I call it running down the rack: Set 1: 10 kg | 20 reps Set 2: […]