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Back And Abs Training With Louise Du Preez!

Name: Louise du preez Age: 26 Height: 1.55 m Competition weight: 49 kg Back Favourite exercises to target the back for width? Lat pull downs or wide pull ups. Favourite exercises to target the back for thickness and muscle? Rows or different grip pull downs.     Favourite back exercise? Rope lat pulldowns. What are your top tips when […]

Legs And Abs Training And Full Workouts With WFF Pro, Natasha Martens

What are some of your favourite leg exercises? Squats Lunges Leg extensions What are your top 3 tips when training your legs? Challenge yourself and add some weight. Train legs at least twice a week. Make sure your form is correct. In your opinion, which is the most common leg exercise that people do incorrectly? […]

Workout of the Week | Back and Traps

Here is a workout which targets the Back muscles and, the upper part of the shoulders behind your neck, the Trapezius Muscles.  For this workout we will start with the back, and then finish off with Traps. The Back is one of the largest muscles we have and thus it’s essential to hit it from […]