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Sumeet Sahni Motivation! | Gallery & Training Clips

Sumeet Sahni, is a beautiful Indian fitness girl, and has made an incredible transformation as you can see! She posts a lot of great clips of the exercises she does so if it interests you be sure to check her out!   A photo posted by Sumeet Sahni (@sumeet_sahni) on Oct 23, 2016 at 11:03am […]

Leg Training And Full Leg Workout With Nicolene Booysen

What are your 3 best go to Quad/thigh exercises? Leg press Squats Lunges What are your 3 best go to Hamstring/Glute exercises? Stiff leg deadlifts Hyperextensions Sumo squats Which is the most overrated leg exercise in your opinion? None. You need them all to work the different muscles that make up the leg. And the […]