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Guided VISUAL Meditation | Let Anxiety & Fear Burn Away in a Beach Fire

This powerful guided visual meditation will help you to let go of any grudges or anger, or anxiety and fear that you may still be holding on to, or any emotions that are holding you back from progressing or moving forward in your life. I will help You visualise yourself sitting on the soft sand […]

Guided VISUAL (Forest) Meditation | Release Worries, Anxiety, Fear

This powerful guided visual meditation will help you to relax and to be totally at peace within yourself. It will also allow you to let go of any anxiety, fears or worries that you have in the back of your mind or that have been weighing you down. It will enable you to visualise letting […]

How Yogis Meditate Deeply And Can Live Without Food And Water For Days By Sadhguru

During a Youth and Truth event at Prathima Institute Of Medical Sciences, Sadhguru is asked, how are Yogis able to live without food and water when they are in deep meditative states? Sadhguru explains things so elegantly and simply, and here he talks briefly about what happens when advanced Yogis enter a deep meditative state and how […]