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Jumping Lunges

Start by placing your hands on your hips and placing your left leg forward and lowering yourself down so that you left leg’s thigh is parallel with the ground and so that the angle between your thigh and calf, at the knee is 90 degrees. While doing this lower your right knee to just about […]

Knee Ups

This exercise is quite simple and is pretty much self explanatory. You start standing normally in an upright position. You then basically run on the spot, bringing your knees as high as you can and alternating each knee. Once you have brought both knees up, that constitutes one rep. The whole exercise is a continuous […]


Burpees can look complicated at first, but once you get the hang of them you will find they are quite simple.  Intense, but simple to understand. To start off, get into the position as if you were about to do a push up.  You then bring you feet in, and your knees into your chest.  […]

A Simple, Easy and Effective Shoulder Isolation Exercise

This is a simple and effective exercise to work the top and the back of your shoulder.  It really focuses on your shoulder muscle and isolates it quite nicely. To do it, you will need: A flat bench A dumbbell. To do it: Lie on the bench on your side with your lower arm (the […]