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How To: Training With Rubber Resistance Bands

A great way to add resistance to certain exercises is through the use of resistance bands. They are great to use when you seek an alternate to using weights or when you do not have access to a gym. A few different exercises which can be done to target certain muscle groups are demonstrated below […]

One On One With Gravity Core Co Founder And Calisthenics Pro, Nkululeko Makhaya

Quick stats Name: Nkululeko Makhaya Age: 29 Height: 1.73 m Current weight: 83 Kg Current city: Johannesburg, South Africa Occupation: Consultant at Barclays Africa Group Limited: Wealth and Investment Management How long have you been training in calisthenics and how did you get started in it? I started training calisthenics back in 2011. I remember […]