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One on One With Entrepreneur, Athlete and Mom, Keryn Prenter

Quick Stats Name:  Keryn Prenter Age: 30 Height: 1,63m Competition weight:  54 kg Current weight:  56 kg Current city:  Cape Town, South Africa Occupation:  I own a Catering Company and also make daily meal plans.  I’m an athlete, fitness model, brand ambassador and most importantly I’m a mom and wife 🙂 How did you get […]

Quick and Effective Home Cardio Workout

Pressed for time or don’t feel like going to the gym to do cardio?  Well here’s a great cardio routine which is quick and effective.  No equipment is needed, just your body and your will to do it!  It’s short (only about ten minutes!) but intense, and it will get your heart right rate up. […]

Jumping Lunges

Start by placing your hands on your hips and placing your left leg forward and lowering yourself down so that you left leg’s thigh is parallel with the ground and so that the angle between your thigh and calf, at the knee is 90 degrees. While doing this lower your right knee to just about […]

Knee Ups

This exercise is quite simple and is pretty much self explanatory. You start standing normally in an upright position. You then basically run on the spot, bringing your knees as high as you can and alternating each knee. Once you have brought both knees up, that constitutes one rep. The whole exercise is a continuous […]

Training When You Are Sick

Every time I get sick or get the flu, the big question comes into my mind, ‘should I train or shouldn’t I?’  Then I start to think about my progress and how I just have to get to the gym and I keep trying to justify it to myself, thinking I will be fine and […]