Ingredient: Eggs

High Protein, Healthy Banana & Egg Waffles Recipe

Average Nutritional Facts per batch of waffles: Protein: 24 grams Carbohydrates: 50 – 60 grams Fat: 15 grams Subscribe to our mailing list and receive a quick summary of all the latest posts and give-aways every 2 weeks! Your Email Address:

Breakfast Recipe for Healthy French Toast and its Oil Free!

French toast is quite a filling, and great breakfast to have.  You get good quality muscle building protein, vitamins and minerals from the eggs, as well as some carbohydrates for energy from the bread.  BUT it becomes unhealthy and far too calorie dense when it is deep fried in all that oil and then topped […]

Healthy Homemade Pizza With An Oat Base!

Ever see someone enjoying a nice big slice of pizza and thinking, wow I wish I could eat that and still lose weight! And then in your mind you start trying to justify to yourself that, that one piece of pizza could actually be low in calories, “I mean there’s all those vegetables on top […]