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Fun Fitness Activities For The Summer!

When thinking of keeping ‘fit’ so many people automatically think of the gym immediately. The gym is a great place to get your daily exercise in, but it is not the only place and it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It also depends what exactly you want to achieve with your body. If you want […]

The Fit Five! 5 Tips For Becoming Vegetarian

I recently became vegetarian (a few months now) and initially was slightly worried about how it would affect the fitness and bodybuilding side of things, but there really was nothing to worry about. My weight didn’t drop or anything drastic like that. It can be difficult since you may be unsure of what or how to […]

Falling Prey To Marketing | Heartburn and ENO

In todays media driven world, there are so many different products and millions of adverts and marketing campaigns at play in front of us. With all this information it’s hard to cipher through all the nonsense and find out the truth or the right products and information. Thus, it is so important to do your […]

Prescription Thugs, A Chris Bell Documentary (From Bigger, Stronger, Faster*)

If you are an avid bodybuilding fan, then undoubtedly you have watched the documentary: Bigger, Stronger, Faster* by Chris Bell. A documentary all about steroids in sports and in bodybuilding. If you haven’t yet, you really should, even if you are just a small fitness fan, it will open your eyes to what is really […]

FitNish Favourites: Volume 1

FitNish Favourites will be a series on where we discuss a few cool and convenient things which we have come across and thought you should know about. The idea in the future will be to give exposure to smaller businesses and shed some light on cool and useful products. *The views here are our […]

10 Ways To Jump Start A Mood Change For The Better!

There are two times in your day that you have complete control over; when you wake up and when you go to bed. The rest of your day will be filled with experiences, of which many will be completely out of your control. What you do have, however, is the power to control your reaction […]

Just Adding Coconut Oil To Your Diet Won’t Help You Lose Fat!

From the title I’m sure you were expecting to find an article full of research studies or something to show that coconut oil will not help you in losing weight and does not speed up fat loss. Fortunately, that is not really the case here. You see, as people in this technological media age, we […]

What Exercise Can Do For You | Regular Exercise Changes Everything!

Most of you are aware of the benefits of regular exercise, and some are aware how powerful the benefits are, but not everyone is convinced! The average adult needs at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of activity each week, at a moderate intensity level, like power walking. Up the intensity to jogging or running, […]